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Ben Nelson built this house in 1881. The Nelson's were Scandinavian entrepreneurs, who at one point were the largest landowners in Minturn. The Nelson's had two sons, Arthur and Sigfried. The brothers would both marry women named Helen, hence the name Helen's House. The family would farm lettuce and operate the Nelson Dairy on the current site of Helen's House. The house would stay in the Nelson family until Jane Rohr and Larry Stone acquired the property in 2004.

All these years later, and with so much history inside its walls, Helen’s House Minturn is a renovated historic gem that is used as a family vacation rental or for groups of up to eight people. The property can be used for a multitude of purposes. It can be rented by craftsmen to sell their goods, by musicians to play their tunes, painters, or writers to practice their craft. It is also available for special events and entertains up to 50 people.

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While building their business in Minturn, stories of Helen would be shared by community members about Helen's love of cooking, baking cookies for the local kids, and her spirit of kindness. Jane and Larry felt as if they were stewards of Helen's home and took great pride in taking care of the property, starting their young family in the house.

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